Top 10 #CONSTRUCT Moments: Day One

Welcome to the top 10 social media posts for day one of the CSI #CONSTRUCT Show 2016 in Austin, Texas! These posts will include Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos, listed in no particular order. Got any additions to our list? Feel free to link them in the comments section!

This list compiled by CSI East Bay. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram !


1. Cherise Lakeside captures Young Professionals Day :


2. CSI Chair Ron Geren works the room at the CSI/BSD Building Product Manufacturers Reception:

CSI Chair, Ron Green addressing crowd at the Building Product Manufacturer Reception

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3. Eric D. Lussier bringing some classic Seinfeld humor into “The Interface Between Concrete and Flooring Resolved“:


4. Let’s not forget the fun (trouble?) that can be had in Austin 🙂


5. Things get hands-on during #CONSTRUCT:

Learning in motion #csi #construct #construct2016 #architecture #vaporbarrier

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6. Ain’t no party like a #CONSTRUCT party:


7. Hail to the Chief(s):


8. An important question:


9. Paul Kane enjoys the tour of Austin’s New Central Library:


10. Elias Saltz captures the action during “Terminations, Penetrations, & Transitions: Hands-on Demo of Air Barrier Detailing“:


That wraps up the day one edition of TOP 10 #CONSTRUCT Moments! Please feel free to share this page, and check back tomorrow for the day two version!


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