Top 10 #CONSTRUCT Moments: Day Three

Welcome to the top 10 social media posts for day three of the CSI #CONSTRUCT Show 2016 in Austin, Texas! These posts will include Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram photos, listed in no particular order. Got any additions to our list? Feel free to link them in the comments section!

This list compiled by CSI East Bay. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram !


1. The artistic side of #CSI #CONSTRUCT:


2. The #CSINext Virtual Chapter meets!:


3. Eric can always be counted on to make us all hungry:


4. More learning on day three:


5. Texas State Capital building:

#construct. Texas state capital dome.

A post shared by CSI East Bay-Oakland (@csi_east_bay) on


6.  There was some excitement in Downtown Austin:


7. #CSI Night Out at Maggie Mae’s was a fun way to end #CONSTRUCT 2016:


8. Hey, this was so much fun, why don’t we do it again?


9. #CONSTRUCT was a resounding success:


10. Even the most energetic #CSIKraken needs to rest after #CONSTRUCT:


That wraps up the day three edition of TOP 10 #CONSTRUCT Moments! Please feel free to share this page!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 #CONSTRUCT Moments: Day Three

  1. Great job CSI East Bay-Oakland. Love to see this for all of your chapter and our Region events to. I’ll do what can to help with posts & tweets as well.

    Mahalo Nui Aloha,

    Paul K. Kane III, CSI, CDT
    West Region CSI President FY 16-17

    Liked by 1 person

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