Getting Started With Social Media

If you’re reading this, you have probably viewed CSI East Bay-Oakland Chapter’s presentation on Social Media and its importance to CSI and CSI local chapters. If so, welcome! And if you haven’t seen the presentation, welcome to you too! If you would like to see the presentation, it’s available right here in several formats; you can pick which type of file is best for you:







Below you will find some general Social Media tips. And below that, you will find information on how to OPEN accounts on the three most useful platforms for CSI members/chapters. Lastly, you will find accounts to follow if you want to get to the heart of CSI on Social Media; chapter members/organizations who use Social Media a lot, are friendly, and talk about CSI issues regularly.



Social Media Tips

  • Set aside a small amount of time every week to maintain you or your chapter’s Social Media account(s). This is a good strategy if you are hesitant to use Social Media, don’t really feel like it, etc. Remind yourself by setting a designated day/time to check your accounts (For example, every Tue/Thu afternoon). Use this time to respond to any communication to you, post chapter events, news and other information. It doesn’t have to be a large amount of time, 30 minutes or less is perfectly fine. It’s understandable if you feel like this isn’t your day job, so why should you spend much effort on it? Over time, it will become easier for you, and perhaps even (gasp!) enjoyable.
  • You don’t have to be an expert to use Social Media. Don’t worry if you don’t know how use the latest trending hashtags, post cat GIFs (or even know what a GIF is), or use all the hottest Snapchat filters. All of that is not required to use Social Media. Remember, the main reasons for CSI members and chapters to use SM are to create visibility for your chapter and the organization overall (this is THE most important reason, in our opinion), to network with other CSI members and industry professionals, and to discuss industry issues and events. As you get more comfortable with Social Media, you will become more adept at using it; you may even find yourself on the Power Users list below.


How to Open Social Media Accounts



Official instructions:

Step-by-step video:



A note on Facebook accounts: you may already have a personal account for Facebook, you know, the one you use to see what old classmates are up to, and to see pictures of your cousin’s latest meal.

You can absolutely use your personal account to interact with other CSI members. If you want to create a facebook account FOR YOUR CHAPTER, that is different that opening a personal account. What you would want to do in that case is create a Facebook PAGE for your chapter. A Facebook page is different than a personal account! A Facebook page is intended for businesses,  groups, or organizations ( a CSI chapter would certainly fall into that category).

To create a Facebook page for your chapter, you do need a personal account. Once you are signed into your personal account, then follow these steps:


And in the rare case that  you don’t have a PERSONAL Facebook account, follow these directions (as stated above, you will need to do this first before creating a chapter page):

Official instructions on how to create a personal account:



Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn has personal accounts, and group pages that individuals can create. So, if you already have a personal LinkedIn account, check out the first link below on how to create a LinkedIn group for your chapter. If you don’t have any type of LinkedIn account, check out the second link below to learn how to create a personal LinkedIn account.

Creating a LinkedIn group:


Signing up for a personal LinkedIn account:


CSI Social Media Powers Users

Once you have signed up for one or more Social Media accounts (or if you already use Social Media), follow these accounts. These accounts are people or organizations who use Social Media a lot and interacting with them are great ways to jump into the CSI conversation.







Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to comment on this post, talk to us on twitter, or use good old-fashioned email:



This is intended to be a living document. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the content and instructions on this page, go ahead and say so! We will not be offended. Our only goal is to make this page and all of its content as helpful and effective as we possibly can, and to encourage the use of Social Media to benefit CSI.






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